Completely Original Beats Generated Using AI generates you completely original royalty free drum beats using Artificial Intelligence
Every generated drum beat is unique and has never been heard by any human before

tempo 180 bpm

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I plan to add drums, guitar, bass, strings and brass instruments soon

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The AI tracks how many seconds you listened to the beat, and adjusts the generator parameters accordingly to what you like

The AI then measures how long the generated beat was listened for and automatically learns how to create more engaging beats

In other words, by more people listening to beats, the AI beatmaker automatically learns and improves

peterHey i'm Pete Ranieri, i'm a drummer and software engineer 🥁👨‍💻

I created as an experiment to try and make the most creative
Artificial Intelligence Beatmaker using neural networks 👾

If you have any suggestions for improvements
please email me at 😊

Have a great day!
Cheers Pete